(thanks to 'Ozel)
Linux ... hum ... miam ...

Hello World !!!, i'm a poor coder of FusIon!, a new french demogroup, and our productions are only for Linux, a pretty OS. Yes ... I'm sure you have understood, I hate Micro$oft ! Why ... Because .. this is simply full of bugs ... and i don't know why ... but I don't like bugs.. (If someone can explain this to me ! :) ).

FusIon Production : OrganiC (in work ...), Mad PenGuin!!!! (FreeSp's Project)
FreeSp  French Coder, born in 1978
Music  heu ... Led Zeppelin, and Goa Trance !!
Games QUAKKE !!! Only! 
FreeSp's Pc made in FreeSpLand ... hehe (tm)
Cpu Cyrix 6x86 150+
Mem  32Mb
Video ET6000 (4Mb) (Xfree3.3 works very fine with it .. !) 
Sound Gus Pnp 2Mb (Linux Ultrasound Project RulEz !)
Hd 3.2Go SCSI II (Quantum Fb TM), 1.2 Go IDE (Western Digital caviar)
SCSI ctrl NCR 53C8xx (Asus SC200)
Motherboard Gigabyte HX 512Ko (bios Award)
CDRom Pioneer 12x SCSI II
Removable cartbrige Zip SCSI (100Mo per cartbridge)
FreeSp's O.S. Linux Red Hat 4.1, kernel 2.0.30 + Cyrix 6x86 patch + penguin patch !
FreeSp's Dream  An Alpha 500Mhz !

Cool! LinkS :

A french jokes : "on pose un petit cailloux à coté d'un gros, que fait le gros cailloux ?, il s'en fout !"